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Back Up Your Data– Even Your Emails

Imagine losing all of your most important emails — with addresses, dates, and other vital information. Just the thought probably would be enough to send anyone into a panic, especially since it would take so much time to even try and get the data all back.   We’ve all heard horror stories of losing your data […]

Why is customer relationship management an important tool for your business or nonprofit organization?

Why is customer relationship management an important tool for your business or nonprofit organization?

Why is customer relationship management an important tool for your business or nonprofit organization? from Your Desk's Assistant on Vimeo. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a very important tool for your business or non-profit organization. CRM helps manage and analyze customer interactions and data by driving sales growth and retention. It also stores data such […]

Social Media Etiquette: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have become so mainstream and chances are you are a member of a dozen or more. It can be overwhelming when you’re bombarded with notifications and posts on your newsfeed! People keep adding me to their groups without my permission or knowledge, and this has become an all-too-common issue. It’s just rude, quite […]

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The 3 Whys of Business Blogging

Establishes Brand Visibility FREE MARKETING! Blogs are PR for your business which plays a critical role in building your social media footprint to establish your brand. It’s the foundation for your Social Media platform; post relevant visuals of your blog articles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or anywhere else that links to your website. […]


5 Strategies To Make Money With Your Newsletter

  1) Develop a Relationship The holy grail of monetizing your newsletter is connection. It should be written as if you’re sitting down having coffee with a good friend. Show personal interest to develop and maintain trust which will move them to invest in your products or services. Never oversell! Give them exclusive content you […]


Otherwise Known as a Makeover Less is more, they say. Minimalism doesn’t have to be flat, boring, and completely devoid of personality. It’s possible for simplicity to be aesthetically pleasing. Although, when you’re just starting out your own business, often money isn’t vast and you don’t have the financial means to hire a graphic designer […]

WAHM Tips to Survive Summer Madness

WAHM Tips to Survive Summer Madness

School’s out!  Let the Summer Break begin!  How does 2-3 months of unpaid vacation sound?  Yeah right.  The first and foremost unspoken rule of self-employment is – you don’t work; you don’t eat.  That doesn’t bode well for me.  As much as I love summers, I have to admit it puts a kink in my […]


Job Opening: Marketing + Administrative Assistant

Compensation: DOE Start Date: Early July Your Desk’s Assistant  is looking for virtual assistant to manage our growing number of client tasks. Please read this posting COMPLETELY before applying, as only applications submitted properly will be considered. Here are the requirements: *Must be seeking a long-term job commitment. This position has growth potential. *Must be […]


Holiday Hop & Gift List

T.S. Writing Services (TSW) and Your Desk’s Assistant (YDA), two deaf-owned small businesses, have come together to create an exciting, never-before event to take place on December 1-14, 2014. To promote deaf-owned businesses, and to help spread awareness of the fantastic diversity among such businesses, Holiday Hop will showcase different deaf businesses each day. Many have […]